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Automating Ethereum node management tasks using Ansible

SlingNode has released a new Ansible role. The role is designed to automate Ethereum node management tasks. The first release of the role supports the following tasks: Validator keystore import using command line  Validator keystore import using the standard Ethereum key manager API Slashing protection DB import and export The following Validator clients are supported: Lighthouse Prysm Teku Nimbus slingnode.ethereum_node_mgmt Ansible role seamlessly works with slingnode.ethereum role enabling full node deployment in a single playbook! The best place to start is by reading the comprehensive documentation: View the role on Ansible-Galaxy: Review the source code and contribute on GitHub: Check out examples:

Managing Ethereum nodes using Ansible

Our friends as SlingNode have just released their first Open Source project. We know how much work goes into projects like this and wanted to share this on our blog. The slingnode.ethereum Ansible role, can be used to deploy and configure Ethereum nodes. The role utilizes Docker Compose to deploy the Ethereum Clients.  The first release supports the following clients: Execution clients: Geth Nethermind Besu Erigon Consensus clients: Lighthouse Prysm Teku Nimbus  Validator clients: Lighthouse Prysm Teku Nimbus From what we can tell this is the first and only Open Source project that allows for deploying Ethereum servers using Ansible with a focus towards DevOps Teams managing hundreds of servers.  Check out the documentation: View the role on Ansible-Galaxy: Contribute on GitHub: They have a comprehens