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Changing focus to cover internet censorship

It’s clearly been a while since the post on this blog! I’m planning to change that and start posting again.   The focus will change from general IT to topics related to a broad subject of internet censorship. Internet censorship has been the main focus of my work for more than half a decade (time flies) and I’ve wanted to share what I’ve learnt for a while now. These are some of the topics I’m planning to cover in detail over the next months and probably years:     How DNS works     DNS poisoning       DNS spoofing     DNS cache poisoning     HTTPS SNI blocking     HTTP blocking     HTTP redirections     What’s the Great Firewall of China and what blocking techniques it implements     Internet censorship in China     Internet censorship in Korea     Internet censorship in India     Internet censorship in Indonesia We will dive deep down to the packet level and see exactly how these attacks are implemented as well as how to diagnose and reproduce them. That’s it for now. Stay tuned!