Managing Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) in Windows

Publish CRL to LDAP store:

C:\> certutil -dspublish .\IssuingCA-DC1.crl serverName

Validate certificate's Authority Information Access (AIA), Certificate Revocation List (CRL), Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) status:

C:\>certutil -URL certname.cer

This command launches below UI that can be used to check the following:

Note: the certificate in question is revoked

Authority Information Access (AIA) - this extension specify location where CA certificates are located ( used for building certification path):

CRL accessibility based on CRL Distribution Point (CDP) extension:

Revocation status using OCSP:

OCSP URL is specified in AIA extension:

Download CRL (creates file "Blob0_1_0.crl" in working directory):

C:\> certutil-split  -URL

View CRL publication related registry entries:

C:\> certutil -getreg ca\CRLPublicationURLs

Verify revocation and validity of a specific certificate:

C:\> certutil -f -urlfetch -verify .\compcert.cer

View CRL cached by CryptoAPI:

Windows CryptoAPI caches CRL for performance reasons.

C:\> certutil -urlcache CRL

Update local CRL cache / View CRL:

Command below forces update of CRL cache.

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